Yesterday at 8pm Eastern, went live. It is hosting the online version of my Photoshop Crash Course DVD, and will allow me to make all of my training videos available to my customers, by single lessons or entire DVD sets. One benefit of this I can shoot, edit and post a lesson all in the same day, and still be able to be reimbursed for my work.

Dont worry, we have over 70 more free lessons coming to the Photography School, this has just given me an extra tool to better serve those who are interested in my training videos.

So much more to come, but I wont say anything until we are live with these new options. I think you guys will be impressed.

A huge thank you to everyone who Pre-Ordered the DVD. It IS still available, now at a higher price of $65, until the DVDs actually ship when it will go up to a final price of $79 for 7 hours of training. Its the best course I could think of and so far I have been hearing some very positive things from those who have started using it.

If you are in the mood for the online lessons only, feel free to take a look: