Flippy vs Tilty Camera Monitors – The Great Debate

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I hope every one is being safe! I recently watched with awe at the announcement of the XT4 how many said it having a flippy monitor was a “dealbreaker”. I couldn’t wrap my mind around this. Who wouldnt love a flippy monitor? Well one group in particular: mostly photographers. In a poll with over 400 respondents, 18% said tilty was more usable than flippy, which to me sounds CRAZY. My guess is most of them are not videographers, so…with this in mind, Im asking for your help with a new poll:

Flippy Vs Tilty Monitors Poll

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Contagion & Some Thoughts

So my love affair of going to the movie theater on Friday afternoons appears to be over for a while. I have a background in genetics, as well as 9 disaster deployments. All the numbers and everything Ive researched (for days) says this is real and if you aren’t at that point yet, please take it seriously.

It isnt so much about the young and strong getting sick and dying, its more about spreading it to those who are vulnerable, the older generations, those with weakened immune systems and respiratory issues like asthma, They are at far greater risk. Its going to be very different for the next couple weeks, but we will be a better world on the other side of it no doubt.

Because of this, a movie I would STRONGLY recommend is Contagion. It is a very instructive of the challenges and issues the world would / is facing, but most importantly, how human behavior can change very quickly once in a disaster situation. Its one of Steven Sodenburgs best films.

As for me, I am hunkered down in self isolation for the last week or so, and will continue with my normal work. Lots of great videos and books (yes two!) and kickstarters coming.

Be safe and assume everyone you meet has it.

A Canon 150MP Sensor? No, its not coming for EOS or R owners, here is why…

If you saw the recent rumor about a 150 MP sensor coming for as a full frame, high resolution option coming in the near future, I can pretty much tell you it isn’t coming anytime soon to the masses. Does such a sensor exist? Likely. But just existing or having special applications doesn’t mean it will be in a FF camera for the general public any time soon, and the reason is, its only half of the system. It’s far more likely we would see a 75-80 MP camera first.

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The Basics Of Diffraction and Airy Disks | How Sensors Out Resolve Lenses | Physics of Pixel Pitch:

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My new MAVEN Mini Microphone kit for beginning videographers:

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5 Confidence Tips for Introverts – Starting A Youtube Channel

Most people are surprised when they find out I am a hard core introvert “you do so well on your youtube channel”. It can be very stressful for introverts to get started, and there was one breakthrough, and very easy tip that literally changed my life about being in front of a camera I wanted to share with my fellow introvert brothers and sisters! Enjoy!

Michael’s Intro Camera Tutorial Videos

My new MAVEN Mini Microphone kit for beginning videographers

Michael’s Maven Straps

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