Windows Surface

Looks like Windows will be releasing their version of the iPad this October. From the images it looks like it will be a little thicker to accommodate a USB 3.0 port and its cover will act as a keyboard. No word on price yet.

Apple To Announce iPhone 5

Reports are coming in from various websites HERE that the new iPhone 5 will be announced at a special Apple event on Sept. 12. The reports are saying that the along with the iPhone 5 a mini iPand and a new iPod Nano will be revealed as well. No word if the new iPhone will bring any new features, but it is supposed to have a larger screen.

YouTube Creator’s Space

YouTube recently opened a studio in London to give its partners a place to make better content. Its a production studio with cameras, editing suites, green screens, ect. No word if there will be more studios popping up around the world yet, but It will not be too much longer before we see YouTube becoming the next big network.

The Magic of Thinking Big

We had a an absolutely awesome time today on our scooter ride out to the St Anthony Wreck. I’m really amazed how much fun these underwater scooters are. The visibility wasn’t the greatest, but I am hoping to post the video soon.

Its been a while since Ive done a book review. This is one of my all time favorites and I will tell you why in a rather obscure example:

-Donald Trump is a very wealthy and savvy businessman. He has also has been bankrupt. Twice if I am not mistaken. If Donald Trump were to loose all his money a third time, do you think he would be able to build his wealth up again?

In my mind there is no question he could because of his business experience and knowledge. He knows how to do it. Donald Trump would think: “Ok, I need to get investors and then I will build a multi-million dollar complex in so-and-so property and then sell lots…” or something to that effect.

Personally, my brain doesn’t work that way, I am wired to think about training videos or something of that nature because Ive had some success doing it. My buddy Warren would open a dental practice. Others may think: “Oh, well I need to find this kind or job” where another person would never consider that same job.

Sure there are risks in doing business, and not every deal is going to work out in the positive all the time, but the truth of the matter is, a person’s success has more to do with “How big they think” than anything else. Its the wiring of their brains that create the plan.

If an individual cannot accept that he/she is capable of great things, they will never attempt it. If an individual cannot accept that they can change their circumstances, they will never try to. I cannot tell you how many people I have met who have accepted the fate of what life throws at them. It is never their fault and they are constantly unhappy. The lack the will power and faith to even consider the seeds of greatness are already inside them waiting to sprout.

I am convinced that “how big” a person thinks, has EVERYTHING to do with, everything else about their lives

The real trick is overcoming this self doubt about not being good enough, not having the drive, not being smart enough, not having the right opportunities, etc. I can tell you how many close friends I have seen self-destruct because they think so small, always running away from their fears.

I am in the process of planning my next projects, 3 in particular are so big, they truly terrify me at times. Deep down, Im at the point now where I am certain I can pull off each of them to a degree of success and it gets me excited. They won’t be perfect, and the process won’t be pretty, but in the end, I will absolutely have no regrets making the attempt.

Anytime I need that extra motivation to attack something I am uncomfortable with, this is the book I read: “The Magic of Thinking Big”. I have read it many, many times, but each time I do, I have a little more confidence to go for it and I cannot recommend it higher.

What is a Mirrorless Digital Camera?

Been getting several questions about Mirrorless cameras since Canon’s Announcement last week and thought I would summarize in plain language here:

DSLRs allow photographers to see and compose their shots through an optical viewfinder. Light enters through the lens, bounces off a mirror, through a pentaprism and out the viewfinder to the photographers eye so he can see what the actual shot will look like before he presses the shutter button. When the release is activated, the mirror quickly flips up, and the shutter curtains activate, allowing the light to expose the sensor. DSLRs also have interchangeable lenses allowing photographers to change the focal length, aperture and perspective of the glass they are using.

Point and shoot cameras lack a reflex mirror system, as well as through the lens optical viewing (but live view type shots obviously can act as the equivalent) and they typically have a single, wide range zoom lens built as part of the camera that cannot be removed. Point and Shoots typically have very small sensors. Some point and shoots have optical viewfinders, but they are slightly off center as they do not redirect light through the lens and off a mirror.

MIrrorless Cameras – The easiest way to think of a mirror less camera, is essentially a point and shoot camera that can change lenses and can have a much larger sensor. (That is the quick and dirty explanation). Because it lacks a mirror reflex system, you cannot have a “real space” optical viewfinder, but a digital equivalent through live view is of course possible.

– Mirrorless cameras are typically much smaller and lighter than dSLRs because there is no reflex mirror.
– Because there is no mirror, they require special lenses to be made to spec in order to work properly.
– Canon has an EOS adapter that will allow photographers to use their regular lenses with the new Canon M, the problem here is that it introduces some distance between the camera body and the lens itself, which means you will lose a light as the aperture ratio changes.
– Mirrorless cameras also focus using a different method, suffice it to say its a little slower than dSLRs, but the technology is catching up.

Michael’s Take – We don’t really know how successful mirrorless cameras will be, the market will decide. The trend as of now however is that the dSLR market is leveling off and the mirrorless market is really increasing. Canon MUST keep up with Nikon and others who already have mirror less cameras on the market. Canon’s EOS-M Mirrorless Camera is very, very similar to the Canon T4i in overall functionality. The major drawback for now is that there are a limited number of lenses that work with each manufacturers respective mirrorless cameras.

I think dSLRs are definitely here to stay for professional photographers, but for the casual shooter, the mirrorless camera system offers an extremely light and compact system that may emerge as a new contender in the digital photography world. I believe that with time, technology improvements and a greater lens selection, we will see more and more of these.