FUJI XT2 Buffer Performance UHSII Card Tests | Which Memory card to buy

On my Fuji X-T2 vs Nikon D500 Epic Shootout I got a lot of comments asking why I didn’t use an UHS II memory card. I decided to do this follow up using one and the results were interesting. Check out and please leave your thoughts below.

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Wider Release for ‘Love Everlasting’ – Rent or Purchase!

The movie I helped produced is now available nearly everywhere! I really hope you check it out! Here are the links for where you can rent or purchase:

AMAZON: Click here to rent or purchase

GOOGLE PLAY: Click here to rent or purchase

SONY PLAYSTATION: Click here to rent or puchase

VIMEO: Click here to rent or purchase

VUDU: Click here to rent or purchase

I hope you enjoy it. If you have watched or plan on watching it, please be sure to leave an honest review! As always, your support is greatly appreciated!

Charming Holiday Ad by Auteur Director Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson is probably one of the world’s most famous movie directors. His personal style is recognizable almost immediately as his films start. From his signature symmetry, color palettes, and fonts, to his cameras movements, quirky costumes, and characters. They all scream “Wes Anderson”.

This nearly 4-minute advertisement for clothing brand H&M is no different. While it seems to have absolutely nothing to do with H&M, or their clothes, it’s a heartwarming little story of togetherness that make the Holiday’s special.

If you don’t know who Wes Anderson is or haven’t seen his movies this is a great short intro into his beautiful filmmaking style. Enjoy!

Can You Tell What’s Going On With This Image?

Is this image of some kind of crazy weather pattern or a moment when day falls to night? Or is it a composite image? Actually it’s none of those things. What’s really going in this image?

Kevin Wolf is a self described “adventure sports filmmaker based in San Francisco”. He took this shot of a Yosemite mountain range. Then as he says; “Someone on reddit flipped just half of my Yosemite image and I thought it was cool so here’s the share.”

Flipping the image made it appear to be a crazy shot of the sky when in fact it’s the reflection off the water. 🙂 Very cool. You can check out more of Kevin’s work HERE: Instagram or on Kevin Wolf” target=”_blank”>his website.

via Daily Mail

BTS of How This Shot of a VW Bus Was Made

Felix Hernandez calls his work “DREAMPHOGRAPHY” and it really lives up to that name. While looking through his portfolio you’ll see images that seem to be of this world but in a different world. I love his work so much.

So how’d he get this really cool shot of a snowy VW bus? If you watch the video below you’ll find out. This kind of craftsmanship and creativity always blows me away. So check it out above and I hope you find some inspiration from this very cool project.