Fuji XT-2 Crash Course Tutorial Training Video Now Available!

UPDATE: The Fuji-XT2 Course is now available: CLICK HERE for the FUJI XT2 Training Course

It is a fascinating camera that uses a sensor unlike any other camera company, resulting in sharper images. The image quality and build is really impressive, what a fun camera. XT2’s are very hard to find these days so if you are in the market for one and have a chance, buy is as fast as you can, otherwise you might be waiting for 1-2 months. We are not sure if we will do DVDs but if the demand is there we can make it happen.

Here is the cover of the tutorial crash course: If you would like to be notified as it becomes available, please leave your name and email below and we will let you know as soon as it is ready! Thank you for your support!

Click here to purchase the Fuji XT2 Crash Course Training Tutorial

The film I helped produce and work on as DP…

The film I helped produce and work on as DP “Sacred Vow” will be released nationwide Octiber 4th as a download or DVD. It was an amazing learning experience and I’m so proud to have been part of a great team. Little trivia: we shot it in 12 working days! I’ll post the link for the trailer in my profile if you want to take a sneak peek! #sacredvowmovie

Canon 5D IV Tutorial Training | Focusing Systems | Canon 5D4

New Lesson from Michael’s Canon 5DIV Crash Course:

In this quick lesson, I cover the how, when and where of the Canon 5D4’s focusing system, including how to focus, the focusing modes, the focusing clusters, how to move your focusing squares as well as tips on customizing your focusing buttons. It is just one lesson from my new 4.5 hour Canon 5DIV Training Crash Course.

CLICK HERE to Purchase the Canon 5D IV Crash Course Tutorial Training

DIY Cinematic Lighting Setup – $50 by DSLRguide

Lighting can be one of the toughest obstacles to overcome when shooting videos on your own. Cinematic lighting systems can get outrageously expensive. So what can you do?

This video goes over a very inexpensive lighting setup that actually works for both photography and videography. Using work lamps such as these for shooting is really nothing new but he goes over tips for how to bounce light, in which direction, and what to do about shadows. It’s a quick (albeit non professional) way to get good lighting in your images on a budget.

Check it out below.