Day 282

I just realized that even though I am about 20 days behind, I have dozens of great 365 pics Ive never posted because I didnt like them. Maybe is time to revisit? This has been one of the better things Ive learned from this project: Learning to weed out weaker images and yes I am in this picture..pretty tough to find me though. 🙂

Day 281

Today was a great, productive day. I figured out how to teach the last lessons for the 7D video, will script tomorrow and shoot next week. The end is near. 🙂

Here is the set up I used for the cover shot. Thought you guys might find it interesting. The white card I am holding was more vertical when the shot actually took. You can see the reflection on the right side of the camera.

Canon Rebel T1i Crash Course DVD Cover Unleashed!!

Its interesting for me to watch how the covers of my DVDs are evolving. When I first released the 40D Crash Course (first one) I was so proud of it. Now when I look at it, Im terribly disappointed and even embarrassed.

Pre-Orders should be available sometime next week- (Just going through final stages of testing, as soon as we get the green light….)

Day 279

People watch and laugh as I hit my timer and start running. One thing I have really gained from the 365 is not caring what people think. 🙂