I didnt even know this movie existed until last night, knew nothing about it, watched the trailer, and decided to go. There were 3 people in the theater. It really reminded me of a movie called K12, at least the beginning, but also blended the idea that we’ve seen in many other movies like The Shallows, where you have people stranded somewhere and time is ticking.

Not for the faint of heart, not for anyone younger than 16. That said, if you get nervous of heights, you might have a really fun time watching this in theaters. Slow at times for the sake of character development (which is forgivable). I enjoyed it and worth the price of admission!

Prey (On Hulu)

This is a new PREDATOR movie on Hulu. It takes place in 1720. Our hero is a young Comanche female. It would have done GREAT on the big screen.

It was really, really good! Well worth the watch! Probably in the the top 3 all time of the series.