Dave Cross’s Blog

Yesterday I had noticed these enormous spikes in my traffic for both my photography school and my blog. Normally my little photography school gets about 20-25 hits a day. Yesterday and the day before it had about 350. I checked into it a little and it turns out I was lucky enough to somehow land on Dave Cross’s blog. I was way surprised and excited!

For those of you who dont know who Dave Cross is, he is probably one of the most recognized names for Photoshop instructors. Ive been using his books and tutorials for as long as I can remember using Photoshop. Im not sure how I landed on his blog, but I am glad I did. I have a huge amount of respect for the guy. If you are ever looking for in depth photoshop information, he is your guy. He has written several books, including “Killer Tips” and hosted many Adobe training DVDs.

Here is the link: Dave Cross Blog

Betty Crocker Complete Meals

Has anyone else tried these? There is a competing brand as well, but DANG! These are good! (And they run about $3 each). Look, I hate cooking. Anything beyond cereal or sandwiches is just too much for me to want to make. These complete meals are really easy to make and include the meat- granted it was canned prob not the best in terms of freshness, but still I thought they were really good. If you havent tried them, give them a swing and let me know what you think.

Secrets of Power Negotiating

We are all salesmen. I cringe at the idea of trying to sell anything to anyone, however the fact has been and will always be, if you are alive, you have to know to sell things, more than anything, these things are ideas, promises or yourself. Something I was not aware of was that there are very specific negotiating skills that can make or break any deal.

“The Secrets of Power Negotiating” by Robert Dawson is an absolute classic. It was given to me by a friend a few years ago and was the turning point in my business. It’s a 6 CD audio book, the first four cover most of what Dawson calls “Gambits”, or negotiating moves. It is rated very high on Amazon. Since I have looked at several negotiating books, this remains my favorite. It runs about $20.

It has helped me most by:

1. Teaching me to listen to my clients and what they want, instead of what I want. By focusing on the client, identifying their key points and addressing them, you know exactly how to make an offer they will want. These skill sets, when used properly aim for a win-win and makes selling so much easier.

2. It has taught me how to walk-away from potential clients by identifying a few warning signs. I am still a little uncomfortable turning clients down, but a very important part of the wedding photography business is to not book everyone who calls. I estimate I turn down about half of those who inquire.

If you are in any business which requires you to negotiate and haven’t listened to this audio book, you will thank yourself later. I cannot recommend it higher.