CineFix Compiles Their 5 Favorite Movies Shots

This is a spectacular compilation of extraordinarily effect shots from movies. CineFix gathered up their favorites from 5 categories; the closeup, the long shot, the medium shot, the extreme closeup, and the extreme long shot. They intelligently dissect these great moments from movies and explain clearly what makes them awesome. The best part, these concepts all apply to photography as well.

Which did they pick:

Close up – The Passion of Joan of Arc
Wide – The Godfather Pt 2
Medium – Raging Bull
Extreme Close up – Psycho
Extreme Wide – Lawrence of Arabia

What do you think of this list? What are you favorite shots from movies? Drop a comment below.via FStoppers

A Drone Timelapse of Japan Cherry Blossoms by Jack Johnston

Japan Cherry Blossoms – Drone Lapse Times from Jack Johnston on Vimeo.

It’s spring in Japan and the country is known the world over for their cherry blossom trees. Spring in Japan is almost synonymous with the beautiful flowering trees. Tourism soars during their flowering season and many festivals celebrate the sakura (Japanese word for cherry blossom).
Jack Johnston is “a freelance Drone operator and Editor specialising in Natural History TV”.

He says; “A few months ago I was asked to film a series of lapse time shots of the Cherry Blossom trees in Japan for a BBC Springwatch Special. After months of testing and working out the kinks in the process, this is a selection of shots that featured in the final show.”

Well the footage is stunning. I hope you enjoy it.

Voila Box Hybrid Mattress

Last week I had the opportunity to test drive the new Voila Box Mattress and I have to say it was one of the most comfortable sleeps I’ve had in a long time. I own a Serta Memory Matress, which has been awesome, but I think it is a touch too soft and a little too warm.

The Voilabox is a hybrid mattress, meaning it is more than just two slabs of memory foam glued together, rather it has layers and breathes resulting in a much cooler mattress. Im a big believer that if we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, it might as well as be as comfortable as possible. If you are in the market for a new mattress at a very affordable cost, be sure to check out their brand new promo video: Voila Memory Hybrid Mattress!

Top 5 Smartphone Cameras: The Blind Test! by Marques Brownlee

If mobile photography or video are important to you, you’ll want to watch this video. It’s a blind test of the top 5 smartphones on the market today. It’s done by tech reviewer Marques Brownlee. As he explains many of the cameras in smartphones are on such a level playing field when it comes to features that it’s really about personal preference. He offers shots from each phone, while you pause the video, you mark which of the images you like best.

This really is a great way to decide which camera’s performance appeals to you. I’ve done similar tests in my Epic Shootout’s and it is a great way to determine your preferences. He’s very articulate and clearly explains how to take the test and what to look for. So grab a pen and paper and discover which smartphone is most suited to your style.

via ISO1200

Review of Sennheiser MKE2 Mic for GoPro by Linus Tech Tips

Popular tech reviewer Linus Tech Tips took a look at the newly released Sennheiser MKE2 Elements Microphone for GoPro HERO4. As you can imagine he was pretty excited about the possibility of a quality underwater mic. Sadly, the tests didn’t quite live up to the hype.

In reality the mic is not waterprooof but rather water resistant (think snow or fog). It’s an interesting review that you should definitely check out if you’re looking for a decent mic that can deal with elements like wind. But it’s definitely NOT suitable for underwater work.

It’s the only GoPro compatible endorsed mic and comes in at $200.