Studio Binder Offers Free Location Scouting Checklist

Studio Binder is software that helps organize your video or photography productions. The video below explains just what the software can do and how their software can help make your next production more effective and efficient.

What’s even better is right now their location scouting checklist completely free. You can download it HERE. This can save an immense about of time and help keep all of your thoughts and notes organized when you get back to office. Also, just looking it over can you give you a better understanding of the kinds of thing to look for before you start your next shoot.

NASA’s Crazy Pumpkin Carving Competition

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab has an insane pumpkin carving competition every year. As you might expect the entires are out of this world. 🙂 They make the rest of our creations look pretty pathetic in comparison.

They uploaded some high quality videos of their amazing work to Flickr and you can check some of the out below. If you’d like to see all of them you can do so HERE.
Juno orbiting JupiterLights outAbduction by pumpkin

Wedding Detail Tip by Erik Valind

Believe it or not details of a wedding (the dress, bouquet, rings, the cake) are critically important shots to get. Erik goes over each of these and how to get the best shot with your limited gear on “the big day”. This video is full of great tips for a stressful wedding day. I hope you enjoy it.

Excited to announce our film Love Everlasting will…

Excited to announce our film Love Everlasting will be released Nov. 15 2016 worldwide. This is the first independent film I’ve worked on as a producer, and I am also very honored that my images were selected to be used in the posters. There will be a premiere in Hollywood on the 9th, and I will have more details to come soon, probably within the next few days. There are many, many people who spent many long hours making this happen, it’s a beautiful story and I would so be thrilled if you all watched it! Thank you for your support! #loveeverlastingmovie

TBT 1998 BYU Football Media pictures – Hans Olsen…

TBT 1998 BYU Football Media pictures – Hans Olsen being his silly normal self. He was seriously always doing something funny. Strange thing was on this day, we all had to take suit pics from the waist up and then have our uniform pictures on the field, so this was a normal thing. Hans had a way of taking something that should be normal and turning it into comedy which is why I’m laughing at his expression.