Canon 80D Tutorial Crash Course Now Available!

UPDATE My Canon 80D Crash Course is now available for purchase by download worldwide: CLICK HERE for Michael’s Canon 80D Tutorial CourseMy Canon 80D arrived yesterday and I am already taking it through several tests and learning many interesting things. It turns out there is much more to it than the specs indicate and while there are no 4K video features, it has a robust focusing system not found on any other Canon Camera, this includes both for stills (sports shooting) as well as video. Basically all of the little weaknesses I saw in the 70D have been updated. A new 70D is still listed at about $1000, with the 80D coming in at $1200, I would say it is a no brainer to go for the 80D. Ill have more coming on this soon.

Other bells and whistles I am noticing:

– Built-in Intervalometer
– Multiple HDR modes (though I do not like any of them)
– Multiple Exposure Mode
– Headphone Jack
– Improved Low Light Focusing
– Improved Buffer Performance (though not as deep as the T6s/T6i surprisingly).

Ill have specific numbers coming on these as soon as I finish my actual focusing tests side by side in an actual shooting situation.

We expect the Canon 80D Crash Course Training video to be ready for download in about 2-3 weeks. Mid-Aprilish. The DVD should be ready sometime in May.

LIXI Studio Tests DJI 4 Tracking

In this fun and often times humorous video by LIXI Studios they put the DJI Phantom 4’s auto tracking to the test. While they feel the tracking and crash avoidance technology is amazing, they say “they don’t quite live up to the hype for all scenarios”.

What they found:

– inconsistent tracking, being above and facing downward was best
– anti-collision / auto-stopping feature works “for the most part”, auto stopping only worked well when moving extremely slow
– features work so well SOMETIMES that you become overly confident and could end up destroying your gear — Stay Alert!
– better build, image more stable, longer battery life, tracking features work well

To watch their full review (it’s worth the watch) check it out below.

Sony Announces Two New Full-Frame FE Lenses

Sony announced two new full-framed lenses to their lineup today. First is a 50mm f/1.8. This is a standard prime lens and due to its affordability and performance should be part of any Sony users gear. Especially those starting out or on a budget. I normally recommend this lens over a kit lens. The price will be $250 and will be available in May. The second lens is a 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6. Again – for a beginner or those on a budget this will be an excellent option. While $1,200 isn’t pocket change for the range and specs this lens offers it actually is a good price. It will also be available in May at the same time as the 50 mm f/1.8.

Learn more about both of these lenses HERE.

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset Shipping to Consumers Today

For the gadget obsessed techies, a high-end virtual reality experience is something they’ve been dreaming of for decades. Well, it appears that dream is no longer virtual but a reality. As of today The Rift has started shipping to consumers.

It only works with a Windows PC and requires a ton of space and speed. However, Wired is reporting that the installation process, while 30 minutes long, is glitch free. To learn all about it, how much weighs, what you might see when wearing it, resolution, etc. check out the thorough review by Wired below.

Canon 80D Training Tutorial Crash Course Coming Soon!

UPDATE: Canon 80D Crash Course Training Tutorial Available NOW! CLICK HERE

We have been very busy here at Michael The Maven. As an update for those you waiting on the Sony A6300 Crash Course Tutorial, it is nearly complete, we expect it to go on sale Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest available worldwide for download. The A6300 DVD will take another 2-3 weeks, should be ready by the end of April.

The Canon 80D is shipping and we expect ours to arrive this week. I have many mixed feelings about the 80D, I really believe that it should have been a 4K DSLR, however, there are many other things I know about it that are piquing my interest in comparison with the 70D:


– Improved focusing systems both optically and video, which has the new DUAL PIXEL Af. (and the 70D’s was very, very good)
– Improved Dynamic Range
– Improved Resolution (20 vs 24 not much but still)

Something I love about Canon’s lower end DSLRs are their articulating touch screen monitors. They are excellent for vlogging as well as pulling focus without a fancy gear set with certain lenses.

I really won’t know more until I get my hands on it and put it through its paces. Just know that if you are interested in the 80D I will have a Crash Course Training video on it. We expect it to be ready around mid-to-late April 2016.

If you are interested in hearing from us when it is ready please leave you name and email address in the comments below and we will contact you directly. Thank you!