iPhone 6S to Feature 12 MP Camera and 4K Recording

According to all of the tech blogs Apple will be upgrading their previously longstanding 8-megapixel camera to a 12-megapixels. Rumor also has it that they’ll be introducing 4K video recording. All of this is in response to direct competition from smartphone makers like Samsung. 4K video recording has been standard for competing Android phones for some time.

Some other features will be higher quality front-facing sensor with a flash for even more perfect selfies. 🙂 The new phones should be rolling out next month.

Director of Photography Mitch Martinez Offers 1,500 of his 4K Stock Footage for Free

“I’m here to help. It’s very rewarding to contribute to the film community, the entertainment of people, and even educational applications. It’s kind of a “day off” type of thing. When I filmed the “film category” with the 8mm film projector and film reels and turntable, those shots were done over the course of three or four days at 1 a.m. after a full day of work each day (while I still had some energy); so, I turned on some lights, booted up the camera, and had some fun with it.”

Mitch Martinez felt people might be able to use more 4K video clips for use in their creative projects. He decided to gather them up and offer them for free for commercial use. Awesome! He’s offering over 1,500 clips organized into categories such as animals, nature, fire, etc. He’s a skilled photographer and his clips are super high quality.

To check them out visit HIS SITE and see a few samples below.