Sony A7s Astrophotography

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Finally tried my hand at Astrophotography with the Sony a7s. It was spectacular. My Dad and I headed up to Haleakala late in the evening and were having so much fun we shot for about 3 hours. I was trying different techniques, this image was my favorite.

I was using a Canon 14mm 2.8 L II on the Sony a7s with just your basic Fotodiox adapter.

I stayed mostly in the ISO range of 3200-6400, no issues.

For this shot, Shutter speed was 13″ at f2.8, ISO 6400
We sure had a lot of fun. It was amazing to me how clear the sky was up there at 10,000 feet!
If you are just getting started with your A7s and need help with the basics, definitely check out my new Tutorial on the A7s: CLICK HERE: Sony A7s Tutorial Training Video Download

Photo Shoot…..Using a Taser?

Patrick Hall, photographer and co-founder of Fstoppers, says he’s always throwing ideas around in his mind. One of the crazier ideas he had was taking some portraits right at the point when a person is being hit with a stun gun (taser gun). Although he realized the possible negative outcome of the experiment, he decided to go ahead and try it anyway. 🙂 The results are hilarious. You can check out the video below.

To read what he had to say about the photo shoot, see pictures, and a behind-the-scenes video CLICK HERE.

Beautiful Timelapse of Tokyo Using Entry Level Gear

Some photography enthusiasts get wrapped up in the idea that more is more. You can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment trying to give you an edge or produce better work. Which is great — if you have the money. But have no fear newbies and those on a tight budget. Great results are not only possible but very likely from even entry level gear. This timelaspse below proves just that.

It was made using a Canon Rebel T4i, Sigma 10-20mm, and Sigma 50mm. All of this gear is considered entry level and comes with reasonable price tags. If you learn proper technique and skill, the sky is the limit. Check it out below. [Source]

Tips For Improving Smartphone Photography

Many times when you’re out and about exploring the world you might find that the only camera you have on hand is your smartphone. While they’ve come a long way and are capable of truly awesome pictures, it’s always nice to make the most of your most portable camera. Commercial photographer Lorenz Holder shares 7 tips for taking better smartphone pictures. Check it out below.