Sony A7s Astrophotography

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Finally tried my hand at Astrophotography with the Sony a7s. It was spectacular. My Dad and I headed up to Haleakala late in the evening and were having so much fun we shot for about 3 hours. I was trying different techniques, this image was my favorite.

I was using a Canon 14mm 2.8 L II on the Sony a7s with just your basic Fotodiox adapter.

I stayed mostly in the ISO range of 3200-6400, no issues.

For this shot, Shutter speed was 13″ at f2.8, ISO 6400
We sure had a lot of fun. It was amazing to me how clear the sky was up there at 10,000 feet!
If you are just getting started with your A7s and need help with the basics, definitely check out my new Tutorial on the A7s: CLICK HERE: Sony A7s Tutorial Training Video Download

B&H Photo Introduces: The Canon Lens Experience

B&H Photo has presented an exciting new feature to their site; The Canon Lens Experience. In their words;

“Covering all things related to Canon and its lenses, The Canon Lens Experience is an immersive hub containing interviews, technical information, interactive tools, educational articles, and glossaries that take in the breadth of Canon’s network of optics. This multi-faceted project began with a desire to uncover the wide range of options dedicated to Canon photographers and includes in-depth details about what makes Canon lenses so special and how these technologies can be employed for successful imaging results.”

They’re offering a wealth of information in the form of five sections; Experiences, Virtual, Lenses, Why Canon, and a Glossary. This is a truly invaluable resource for photographers of all skill levels.

Experiences – They’ve chosen 15 photographers with expertise in a diverse array of backgrounds. They range from aerial photography to underwater photography. These industry leaders share their experiences and stories of their work for all of us to learn from.

Virtual – This will display focal length, aperture, tilt-shift, image stabilization, and macro in an easy to use interactive tool. How cool is that? You can see what these settings and tools will look like and how it will affect your images right on the site.

Lenses – Another awesome interactive tool showcasing available Canon lenses with descriptive information on each lens.

Why Canon – “Dedicated to the unique lens-based technologies employed by Canon, this guide highlights a range of topics from basic lens design concepts to some of the proprietary techniques and features found in Canon’s lens lineup.”

Glossary – This is a comprehensive glossary with definitions of photography terms, tools, and concepts.

Make sure to check out this free and amazing photography education resource by CLICKING HERE.

Epic Shootout Featured on 4K Shooters Podcast

4K Shooters did a podcast review of my Epic Shootout Between the A7s and GH4. Feels really nice to be recognized for all the hard work we put into it! Thanks again for your help team! I think 4K Shooters is going to be a great resource website, check them out if you are into video production!

You can listen to the podcast 4K Shooters Podcast HERE.

You can check out my Sony A7s vs Panasonic GH4 Epic Shootout HERE.

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Japanese Painters Use Single Stroke For Detailed Dragons

A video of a Japanese art studio with generations of master artists trained in the technique of Hitofude Ryuu (Dragon with one stroke) has been circulating the internet. It’s hypnotizing to watch the painters use a single brush stroke, loaded precisely with beautiful colors, create the detailed design of a scaly dragon.

Check out the artist in action below. [Source]