LIfe in a Day

Caught “Life in a Day” the other night on Netflix. This was a very interesting idea, I am assuming based on a book series in the late 80’s called “A Day in the LIfe” where photographers all over the world would each submit images taken on one specific day.

This film does the same, except it is video submissions. It was strangely fascinating and major props go to the editors who put it together to be a co-hesive type film. The Russian Goat farmers make multiple appearances (the camera work with them was exceptionally good).

It is much more relevant and engaging than most of what’s playing in theaters these days.

If you are the “artsy” type, you will enjoy it. (just close your eyes on the cow scene).

Last 3 Days Left to Enter!

For those of you who have waited until the last few days to enter, the time is now. The contest will close on December 1st, 2011 at 11:59pm Hawaii standard time. While we still do not have that many entries, more have been coming in the last few days. Please do not wait until the last moment to send them, as I am suspecting it will crash our email account once again.

MIchael’s 2011 Photography Contest

If you chase two rabbits….

…both will escape. (This is an old Russian Saying, but I have heard the origin being from other places.)

Sometimes I chase 12-15 rabbits at the same time…when will I learn my lesson? Things are about to get really, really crazy on the ol blog. Really crazy.