Fake New Jersey Wedding Photographer Busted

Michael De Rubeis scammed 38 New Jersey couples out of more than $140,000 dollars by posing as a professional wedding photographer. He is now facing six counts of theft by deception and six counts of impersonation. In a long running scam where he would dodge clients after the weddings, send substitute photographers to events, not deliver photographs, and when they were delivered they were usually bad.

I personally know of a photographer in my area that was running a similar scam. She showed up to the wedding dressed completely inappropriately. A second shooter was promised. Although she did bring a second photographer, he appeared to be about 15 years-old. The check was cashed but a close friend of mine didn’t get her wedding photos for over six months. When they finally were delivered they weren’t the quality she was promised. The same thing happened just months later to another acquaintance at the hands of this photographer. With such a huge pool of people claiming to be professionals, how do you protect yourself from such scams?

– Meet with the photographer in person. This seems like a no-brainer but you must meet with them in person before you book anything. There’s nothing like meeting in person to judge if this is somebody you can work with on your special day.

– Meet with several photographers. This will allow you to see the differences in professionalism and style. If anyone is lacking, you’ll notice it much quicker.

– Ask to see a portfolio of an entire wedding. If all you’re seeing are a great shots of numerous different couples, that should be a red flag. If they’re a professional they’ll have quality images of an entire event from start to finish.

– Ask to meet with a former client. A simple phone call could just be part of the scam. If you can, ask to meet with a former client. Ask to look at their wedding album. Ask for reviews from several clients.

– Get it all in writing. What time will they show up? How many hours of coverage will you get for your event? When will the photos be ready? How much it will all cost? What exactly is included?

To read the entire article regarding Michael De Rubeis click here .

My Brother in Arms | Mark Forester’s Biography

3 Years ago today, one of my best friends, Mark Forester, a combat controller with the US Air Force was killed in Afghanistan while attempting to rescue a fallen teammate. His brother Thad, has recently completed the book about his life, titled “My Brother in Arms“.

It is now available on Amazon. From September 29th – Oct 2nd, it will be available as a FREE download. If you own an iPad or iPhone device you should still be able to read it through the free Kindle App For Apple Devices- Kindle App as well.

Mark Forester is the best personal example that I know of in terms of what it means to live honorably, to serve with charity and to sacrifice unselfishly. You will be a better person for reading this book, and come to better know the price that is paid for the freedoms we enjoy. I have read almost all of it today in a single sitting and wanted to get the word out. Download it it as soon as possible, and read it when you can. My Brother in Arms” on Amazon: My Brother in Arms – On Amazon
The Mark Forester Foundation The Mark Forester Foundation
Kindle App For Apple Devices- Kindle App For Apple Devices

Canon 70D Focus Square Tutorial Training | How to focus with the 70 D

Here is my new training video on the Canon 70D’s optical focusing system. This training video will essentially show you how to use the focusing squares, focus modes, different ways to get focus, and when you should use each of them.

It is just one of many lessons from my new Canon 70D Crash Course Training Video and can be purchased ready for download by CLICKING HERE: Canon 70D Crash Course Tutorial Training Video Download

The Homemade Landscapes of Kim Keever

New York City based photographer Kim Keever started out as a painter. When he felt he maxed out his creative contributions to the art form he switched to photography. Taking inspiration from photographers such as Cindy Sherman who combine realism with fantasy for their photographs, Kim began creating his own landscapes in 200 gallon tanks. Miniature worlds of hand carved and chiseled landscapes with fluffy clouds made of cotton. He then completely submerges them in water so he can infuse the scene with different paints and use of colored gel lights to create the ethereal atmosphere displayed in his photographs.

Check out the video below to watch his process and get insight to his creative inspiration.

Studio Visit: Kim Keever from Robert Knafo on Vimeo.

Kim Keever uses a large format Hasselblad digital camera.

$389,000 Photography Prize in Dubai

The winners have been announced in the prestigious Hamdan Bin Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography contest with prizes totaling $389,000 and a grand prize coming in at a whopping $120,000 dollars. The awards are based in Dubai and feature categories for Emirati as well as international photographers. The categories were as follows; Beauty of Light, Black & White, Emirates, and General.

To check out the winning photos, click hereGrand Prize – Osama Al Zubaidi, UAE / Courtesy of HIPA