Canon 320 Ex Speedlite & Video Light Hybrid Review

Picked up the brand new 320 Ex Speedlite this weekend! I was surprised they were already shipping so I grabbed one as fast as I could.

This little unit is VERY important for one main reason:

It has a built in Constant LED light which is designed to be used for video shooting.
What this means is, instead of having to carry both a Speedlite AND a video light, such as a micro light panel, you can just carry the 320. While it isn’t quite as powerful as a 430, this is a very attractive feature to me, because I do a lot of video and am constantly looking for better solutions. (Less camera bag space too).

Other features include:

– Group Switch
– Channel Switch
– Manual Slave Switch
– Auto / Manual LED switch

There are no manual settings on the unit itself, but these can be set up in the Flash Portion of the Menu with certain cameras.

How about a dose of AWESOMENESS?

I’m still super excited about this freaking GREAT idea; a built in REMOTE (for your camera!!) If you have a compatible camera, (5Dii, 60D, Recent Rebels) that work with the RC-1, RC-5, you will be able to use your 320 as a remote to either trigger the camera, or trigger the 320 for exposure. This allows for many quick set ups without having to go back to the camera. LOVE IT!! (these remotes run about $30-40, so thats more savings there as well.)

Due to certain clues I picked up in the T3i Manual a few months ago, I would be willing to bet we will be seeing more of these Hybrid Video / Speedlites coming from Canon soon. Hoping for more surface area and more output power, but I think this is an enormous step in the right direction by Canon and am excited to see what is coming next.

You can get it now from BHPhoto- Canon 320 Speedlite / Video Hybrid Light on Bh Photo

Transformers 3 – Dark Side of The Moon

I think Michael Bay gets a lot of flak for weak story lines because critics are jealous of everything else he can do. Granted, for Bay’s normal story telling pace (ultra fast), there was one little distracting lull, but other than that, this is the epitome of a great summer movie. LOVED IT! Much better than the last one, and almost as good as the first. See it in 3-D if you can (the skydiving scene is amazing in 3D- thats what it looks and feels like when you jump out of a plane!)

Aquapac – Water Proof iPad Covers

I read some interesting articles a few days ago that say; 2% of all traffic coming by the end of 2011. While this may sound like a very small percentage, considering the length of time the iPad has been on the market, as well as the total number of people using the internet, this is a huge indicator of things to come. iPad’s are here to stay (at least for now). There are some very HUGE opportunities out there for those who can see them coming.

Speaking of iPads, my Dad tipped me off to the fact that several manufacturers are now making waterproof covers for those of us who like to bring them into extra wet or rainy environments. Check it out:Aquapac WaterProof iPad Cover

What is a Better Investment; The Camera Body or a Lens?

The advice I typically give is to: Get the best body you can afford, while still allowing for quality lens purchases once every year. If you are buying just one high quality L lens per year, you are doing really, really great. In 5 years, you will have a very nice assortment of quality glass that you will use for many more years.