Perfect Effects 9 — $60 Download for FREE

Last year onOne Software offered their Perfect Effects 8 plugin as a free download for a short time. Now as a special promotion for 500px members they’re offering their Perfect Effect 9 for free as well.

Great news though! You don’t have to be a 500px member to snag your free download. You can simply enter your name and email address and get your copy today.

It can be used as a plugin for Photoshop or Lightroom. It’s a $60 value and loaded with some really cool presets.

Check out the video below where master Photoshop retoucher Matt Kloskowski shows how he uses his favorite Perfect Effects presets.

Get your free copy of Perfect Effects 9 here!


Apple Commercial Shot Entirely On iPad

I did happen to see this ad run during the Oscars ceremony a couple of night ago. I thought it was a good ad and found Martin Scorsese’s message in the voiceover inspiring. What I didn’t realize was that the entire ad was in fact shot on an iPad. Very cool. Check it out below.


Market Research in Japan Shows That Canon is King

According to market research and analysis firm BCN Canon is holding over half of the DSLR market. They’re up 5.5% and Nikon is struggling with a loss of over 3%. However, Canon and Nikon are both leading with over 93.8% of the market share. What does it say about lenses and accessory companies? Check out the entire article here.