Wonder Woman 1984

Warner Brothers recently announced they will be simultaneously releasing their movies onto HBO Plus for no extra cost than their monthly subscription, at this time about $15. You could feasibly even subscribe, watch the one movie you want, and then unsubscribe.

Been waiting for this one for a long, long time. We watched it this afternoon over at my Dad’s house today after Christmas lunch.

I really liked the first one, Gal Gadot is worth the cost of admission alone. WW84 had so much potential, some great moments and action, but overall I was disappointed! ugh! Sorry! There were just too many unnecessary parts that could have been edited out, and it felt very long and too many parts I couldn’t suspend disbelief for.

All that said, there isnt much else out right now, so its a fun watch, but don’t get your hopes up and it’ll be more enjoyable.


Also free on Amazon Prime. An absolute 80s classic. Written by Michael Crichton!

Why were movies from the 80’s sooo good?? Tom Select stars as an overly funded LAPD robot retention specialist. Amazing how much they got right. 30 years before Boston Dynamics started freaking us out, Runaway was warning us about the dangers of over-trusting robots which could be easily programmed to kill people. While we still don’t have heat seeking bullets, they got drones right and called them “floaters”. What more could you want then Gene Simmons’ over the top villain Luther and 80’s hair dos?? Its a fun movie!