APT Special Offer Downloads Coming Tomorrow

The Pre-Order Special for the Adavanced Photography Techniques DVD is now officially over.

Most pre-order customers who ordered the APT DVD have had their DVD’s shipped out today. If you live in the US, your should have them by Thursday the 4th or sooner. I will be emailing out the downloads for the Sky Cam PDF first thing tomorrow. If you do not have the download by tomorrow evening, be sure to check your spam folders, and if still not, let me know and I will get it squared away.

Thank you for all your support! Please let me know how you like the APT DVD.

Day 346

Flew back to Arizona today, there was a huge storm and I have a friend (grown up) who likes to go out and play in the rain when it is really pouring. It felt good- like being a kid again.

1/30, f 6.3, ISO 250 Canon 5DII , Canon 24-70 2.8L , ISO 250, Michael Andrew Paintballer Pro Presets

Been super busy with a lot of projects, so many good things coming. Life has never been better and I have never been happier.

PS- A little birdie told me that the APT DVD Pre-Order will be ending tomorrow evening (and that would only happen on the day they ship if that’s a hint to those of you who have pre-ordered) so if you think you are going to get it anyway, you might as well get the free Sky Cam Guide and buy within the next 24 hours.

Without any unforeseen problems, some of you will have them by Tuesday, possibly sooner!

How Evan Monsignac Survived

You guys remember Evan Monsignac from Haiti, who survived for 27 days buried beneath the rubble? I did a little looking around and found that there have been a few articles written about him, this one I am linking here is the most descriptive. When they brought him in, we all had a hard time believing what we were hearing, but after reading the article, it makes sense and it answers the water source question.

Quite an amazing, determined and extremely lucky man.
My heart goes out to him as he is still recovering from his ordeal.

How Evan Monsignac Survived 27 Days buried alive

Day 345

Starting to miss the whole 365 project and realized I still have 20 days to go to finish. The last 40 seem to be the hardest for me. This was taken after a very, very long day of shooting, taken with my iPhone 4 and the weird pattern we are seeing was caused by the sun shining through a plastic door logo and then refracting on the glass of the camera lens.

We began shooting around 10am and finished around 5pm. While that may not seem like a big deal, it was for me because I was in front of the camera talking for all but an hour or so of it. I think the Business Photography Crash Course is going to an amazing DVD set. Been working on it for 2 years and we are still 6-8 weeks from finishing.

It was such a GOOD day production wise and I think my favorite part was there were so many problems (potentially deal breakers) that popped up, and one by one we just solved them and moved forward. I LOVE that feeling of just dealing with my own problems and not waiting for an excuse not to take action.

I wake up this morning and there is a giant pimple on my forehead. Not a great scenario for shooting so many lessons. No problem, go to the store, buy some make-up, put it on. To a woman, this is not a big deal, to a man…its not normal to think like that. First time I ever purchased and used make up on myself.

We start setting up the main light, and upon opening, the bulb shatters. No problem, I just so happened to have a spare in my backpack that I brought along “just in case”.

Wireless Microphones start acting buggy. No problem, we come up with a quick fix and solution.

We have another issue during transfer of the files from the CF card to Adam’s external drive, no problem, find a work yet another work around and make the transfer.

We didn’t panic, complain, or freak out and it just feels awesome to look at the situation and solve it instead of blaming someone or putting it off another day.