Cowboys and Aliens

There were a few (very few) good scenes but I was a little disappointed with the slow pace and lack of any real character development. For such a star studded cast it felt empty, sorta like:

This is a movie. It has Cowboys. Aliens. And Indians, too. They fight.

This is a rental so you can fast forward through the boring parts.

Zombie Gunship | Awesome iPhone Game

When I first heard about this game I thought to myself “They cannot be serious….” Turns out, it is an extremely cool game. Thats right, you are a Gunner of a AC-130 Gunship protecting humans as they run to a bunker from, you guessed it….endless hordes of Zombies.

What is so interesting to me is how well they executed this idea, and how it is about to become the number one game on iTunes (yes, it looks poised to unthrone Angry Birds). I read a little bit about the development and they did their homework and hired some really great people. The sound of the game is outstanding. As a business Model, these little iPhone games can be home runs if they are properly executed. Back in May, Angry Birds had been downloaded 100 Million times. That is truly ridiculous, especially when 70 Million of them were of the $1 variety. Not too shabby for a little software company.

Though there is plenty of competition, if you have a great game idea, it would be worth taking a swing at it. It already has me thinking…..Zombie Gunship on iTunes