Michael The Maven’s Efficiency Playbook

Michael The Maven’s Efficiency Playbook ~ Today I finished the first draft of my next book, which has a working title of “Efficiency Playbook”. Efficiency has been a pet project since I was 17. Any time I learned something about being more productive, I would write it down and this is the summary of that notebook in the form of a playbook to solve different kinds of problems we all face. I’ve narrowed down every single tactic to 6 principles, and then use real life examples to illustrate them. I’ll have to get it to an editor and go through a few drafts, but hope to finally publish it next spring sometime. I’m going to give it away for free to my newsletter subscribers at that time. Feel free to sign up on my blog if you want a free copy I’ll put a link in my profile page. www.michaelthemaven.com #efficiencyplaybook #michaelthemaven

Is your Model Looking into the sun?

Is your Model Looking into the sun? ~ I love to shoot portraits during golden hour but model facing the sun isn’t always comfortable for them (obviously lol). I have them look off center, close their eyes and open them on the count of three. This was @julialeecarroll for our #t6s #t6i vs #d5500 epic shootout a few months ago

Maven Mount Dual Cold Shoe Go Pro DSLR Mount

Maven Mount Dual Cold Shoe Go Pro DSLR Mount ~ Have you ever needed to feed 2 microphones into a single camera mic port, and have no way to do it? Sure there are some XLR input preamp devices that will do it for a few hundred bucks, but they are too big, bulky and expensive (we have one) We were recently shooting we and we kept running into this need for 2 microphones going into one camera. I tinkered around on my 3D printer and this is what I came up with, which I am calling the “Maven Mount”. The microphones feed into a stereo breakout cable, which separates them into individual channels. Once the footage is imported, you can edit and manage each channel individually. It’ll also hold a small Rode mic with a lav, or a go pro with Rodelav, or just a go pro. The go pro mount will also hold an iPhone for various uses which I’ll demonstrate shortly on my YouTube channel. It also has a quick release in the front that will fit on different cameras. I’ve made 10 extras if anyone is interested let me know and I’ll send you a link. #mavenmount