Free Canon R6ii Tutorial Training Video Overview – Users Guide Set Up – Part 1

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00:00:00 – Start
00:02:46 – Camera Setup
00:12:07 – External Buttons
00:25:42 – Symbols and Icons
00:43:04 – Q Options
00:48:42 – Video Mode Info
00:52:54 – ISO Demonstration
00:55:55 – Shooting Modes / Exposure Control
00:57:28 – Aperture Priority Mode
01:00:59 – How AV Mode Can Help You
01:02:19 – AV Rules of Thumb
01:04:03 – Changing Brightness in AV Mode
01:10:13 – Tv – Shutter Priority Mode
01:13:24 – Program Mode
01:15:23 – Manual Mode
01:17:41 – Flexible Value Mode
01:19:28 – Bulb Mode
01:20:02 – C1, C2, C3 – Custom Shooting Modes
01:23:47 – Focusing Systems
01:24:08 – HOW – Shutter Button
01:24:47 – When – Focusing Mode
01:28:19 – Where – Focusing Clusters
01:32:25 – Face / Eye Detection
01:38:39 – Manual Focusing Tools
01:41:48 – Back Button Focusing Set Up
01:43:43 – Focusing in Video Mode
01:44:54 – Rack Zoom Focusing
01:46:25 – Video Settings
01:48:08 – White Balance
01:55:39 – Drive Modes
01:57:02 – Metering Modes
01:59:59 – Michael’s Recommendations

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Canon R6ii Crash Course Tutorial Training Video

Im happy to announce that I have a Canon RR6ii in hand and am taking it through its paces. So far, it is a beautiful and very capable camera.

Watch my free YouTube tutorial on the Canon R6ii HERE

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