Lots of mixed vibes about this movie. Michael Bay is usually pretty solid. This movie is a mix of Heat & Speed, with a mix of parts of To Live and Die in LA and a couple other movies. Really well cast, some of the most impressive drone shots ever, but there was a big writing and editing problem. Can’t put my finger on it, should have been about 45 minutes shorter and a better reason as to why they couldn’t just block the Ambulance off.

All that said, I enjoyed it enough to say if you have seen any of the above movies and enjoyed them, you’ll probably like it. Its kind of nice to see a nice line up of movies coming, especially in May! (Dr Stange & Multi Verse of Madness and Top Gun – Maverick).


I was honestly looking forward to this for a long time….This had a lot of potential. I think Jared Leto is a fine actor. Morbius’ issue was Bad Writing. Bad Editing. Bad Casting of Tyrese Gibson as the rational cool minded FBI agent (Was too hard to take him seriously after all the Fast and Furious Movies).

Even the attempt to whet our appetites for more with a post credit sequence (which felt entirely added on because of the success of Spiderman No Way Home) was not enough.

This is one of the worst Marvel Movies Ive seen, right next to Eternals. I would say skip it all together.