Want To See In The Dark? There’s An iPhone Case For That

Set to begin shipment in early August the FLIR One iPhone case features infrared technology. The creators tout the expensive case ($349) as having state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology developed by the military. This technology was only available to the military just a few years ago.

They say you can now see and photograph the world in a totally new way. Sounds kind of novel for the lay person but the creators are also saying it has numerous practical applications. Is there danger lurking in the woods while camping or hunting? Are you jogging on a foggy night and need to spot possible threats? How about electrical and plumbing issues in the house?

I found this video from MacWorld 2014 that showcases some of it’s features. You can also check out FLIR One’s website here.

How To Survive an Elevator Plunge

Considering the statics, the likelihood that you’ll perish in an elevator plunge are extremely low. The data states there are only 30 elevator deaths per year and most do not involve an elevator falling with people inside. Nevertheless, I think it’s a fear that most people have at least considered or discussed with friends. Arguing over survival tactics or what the best action to take would be. The folks at MIT did a study and the results are interesting. Check it out in the video below.

Scientists Date Ship Found at Ground Zero

Back in 2010 during excavation and construction of the Ground Zero site an unexpected an astonishing discovery was made. Twenty-two feet below the streets surface and gigantic ship was discovered. Apparently the ship was covered by a landfill and other debris for hundreds of years.

The ship has since been excavated and studied by scientists. Tree ring experts at Columbia University studied samples and discovered the fascinating history of the vessel. Based on the evidence the ship was from Philadelphia in the 1700’s. To read more about the amazing discoveries you can check out the entire article by Archeology Magazine here. [Source] [Source]