Make Time

Im happy to report that with the addition of a Kindle (my first ever) and traveling a lot, I have rediscovered my ability to read. Being that in todays world we are so targeted by distractions, short attention spans have led many, myself included, to not reading as much as we want to. I have several friends who have confided in me that they have complete lost the ability to read a book “because they don’t have the patience”. This is dangerous.

I finally got around to reading a highly recommended book “Make Time”:There were two really big take aways for me from this book:

1. We should categorize anything that eats up our time unproductively as “infinity pools”. Social media, news, email, etc. These are anything in your life that takes and takes and takes without offering anything meaningful in return. I found once I properly labeled my “infinity pools” as weaknesses, I could more easily target them for elimination. I have deleted Social Media apps from my phone, and the result has been astonishing. I have far more time now to focus on much needed work, exercise and productive recreation.

2. Pick one “Highlight” every day. It’s the one thing you want, should, need to get done. I completed 1 very difficult assignment each day, including leaning a brand new skill set, (making fully colored, custom shaped stickers), and a report I had been putting off for months. There is real magic in picking one and only one special task per day, and then fighting like crazy to get it done fast and early.

It was a phenomenal book and I highly recommend it!

Make Time Book

The Batman

It’s nice to be back in the USA. Arrived last Saturday night and still getting settled in from 2 months in Africa, so I decided to check out “The Batman” last night! A lot of mixed feelings on this. First two words that come to mind were Dark and Loud, also violent, raw and gritty. Some aspects of it were GREAT like the visuals, I appreciated the time the director took to have so many great looking shots in it.

Other parts of it were not so great, literally too loud in some parts, and there was a repetitive theme song that never seemed to go away.

And…the obvious…how many more new batman movies are there going to be? Well, if its profitable (and they are) it looks like it will be an infinite amount, meaning we should probably expect a new batman reboot every 3-5 years.

See it in theaters? If you are a Batman fan, yes. That said I wasn’t overly pleased with it, rather it was a nice (but long) way to come back to the USA for me.

Otherwise its a rental.