Lock Down in Utah

First of all…what is Lockdown?

This is a phrase I have coined that means I am very, VERY busy doing something. (in this case, working on a special project I would like to finish mid to late July…yes thats a hint).

For me Lockdown means:

1. I turn my phone off for days, maybe even a week at a time.
2. I only check my email once a day, but this will be the best way to reach me.
3. I eat as little as possible, sometimes not at all for a day, several times during the week.
4. I do not want to be disturbed.

Lockdown allows me to turn one working day into three working days as there are no distractions. I know sometimes I offend friends and family when I am in lockdown and I please ask you support me while I do this. It is very important for me to stay focused as I want to have this DVD done as soon as possible, with the highest quality possible.

I know there were several clients in Utah that wanted photo shoots that I wasnt able to meet up with last time. If you are interested in a shoot, you can contact me through email, but I will only do 3 or 4 during the whole trip (July 1st-10th) and it is first come first serve. I will still be making posts on the blog, but it may be difficult to reach me by phone. If it is important, please leave a message and I will return it as soon as I can.


First let me say, this is completely a “guy” type of movie, not to say if you are female you wont enjoy it, there are a lot of guns, cars, shooting, violence, swearing, things blowing up, uncontrolled anger and the like. If you liked the Matrix and Star Wars (yes, star wars) you will see a lot of similarities and most likely enjoy this movie. I liked that it focused on character development, which is something most movies of this genre totally ignore, and I could especially relate to how he felt about his boss…I was in a similar situation and it was absolutely the most liberating thing to quit a job I really, really hated. Not for the squirmish or easily offended.


I just got back from watching Wall-E. It was outstanding and will absolutely be a classic hit. Please do yourself a favor and make sure you do not miss the bonus short before the movie starts, it was equally outstanding and I would imagine both will receive tons of awards. There are lots of messages in the movie, but its not pushy or preachy. Very, VERY well done.

Infinet Design

Everyone…cross your fingers. I had a very positive phone call with Brock Martin of Infinet Design this week. He is the programmer who designed this blog and has a 6 month waiting list for new projects. Brock without question is the most professional web programmer I have ever met. He is fast, has great design ideas, and his websites are super-functional and easy to manage. Brock has also turned me down on at least half a dozen programming projects, simply because he is so focused on what he does best. He is tremendously disciplined in his work ethic.

I approached him in hopes he would consider redesigning my photography school, which was pieced together by myself and another programmer, it was a ton of work and took months to get right. The problem with the school is, it is flash based and hard to reference lessons (using outside links). It is also practically impossible to add new lessons, so I contacted Brock and it looks like he may consider doing the project- if he does, it will be a huge HUGE upgrade. I have about 70 more lessons I would like to have on the school, all free to provide great, fun lessons, homework, etc for beginning photographers.

If you are looking for a custom blog, Brock is THE BEST. (He is also very expensive and worth every penny). Take a look at some of his clients. If you decide you want to hire him, please tell him I recommended you to him:

Infinet Design

Jewel Boxing

Ive tried several things in presenting my digital negatives to my clients. Ive used regular CD trays, Art Leather folios and recently I was introduced to Jewel Boxes. Its taken some serious time to figure out how to design and make, but now that I have them the way I like, I am so glad I did. The come complete with my written copyright release on the inside of the tray, and the outside cover can be switched to three different outside pictures. Jewel boxes are also very durable and made of some type of smudge resistant material. If you are interested in doing something like this for your clients, check it out:

Jewel Boxing