I was so happy to see our head trainer George…

I was so happy to see our head trainer George Curtis. This man was like a father to me and most of the athletes at byu at the time, he must have wrapped my ankles several hundreds of times. George would always go out of his way to make you feel loved and accepted. Just a tremendous example of a human being. I remember coming to BYU as a young freshman, completely wide eyed, nervous and not having any friends on the team and I specifically remember him going out of his way to become my friend. I’m certain there are several thousands more who he served over the many, many years he was there who feel the same. So thankful for his friendship and example! Love you George! #byufootball

Was at BYU Studios today for our 1996 Football…

Was at BYU Studios today for our 1996 Football team reunion. Our team was 141, ranked #5 Nationally, we were snubbed by the bowl alliance at the time, but oh what an experience and ride it was. We had a tremendous team, deep at literally every position. Such a great time to see Lavell and all of my good friends again. #byu #byufootball

Apple One Step Closer to Having Camera Disabling Capabilities

This is probably a fairly controversial idea. Apple has been awarded the patent to use infrared technology to shut down your phones camera whenever they’d like. The claim is to stop annoying concertgoer’s or prevent people from filming sensitive places. Is this REALLY such a problem that Apple needs to make this extraordinarily intrusive step?

What do you guys think of this? How would you feel if suddenly your camera got shut off? Or would you pleased to see an annoying concertgoer get shut down? I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see what actually becomes of this. If you want to read the whole patent you can check it out HERE.

Film Riot’s Epic Bar Brawl

As you know I’ve been off shooting another movie. Making movies has been a strong interest of mine for years. I’m so grateful this dream is finally becoming a reality.

There are so many details required to make a successful movie. In the video below the team at Film Riot outline how they shot this epic bar brawl. It’s such a great watch and I highly recommend it. If you’re thinking about getting into to shooting some video yourself, I really hope you enjoy this.

Check it out below.

A Quick Guide on how to Register Your Drone in the US

This should be helpful to hobbyist drone users. If your equipment is under 0.55 lbs, you’re good to go – no need to register. However, if it weighs more than that (and under 55 lbs) you’ll need to get registered. It’s just $5 dollars and it’s super easy. You don’t need to register every drone you have but your equipment needs to me marked with your registration number. It’s required to do this every 3 years.

Check out the quick video below.