The Extreme Diet of a Bon Appetit Food Photographer (and Competitive Powerlifter)

Alex Lau has what many would consider a dream job. He’s a food photographer for one of the world’s most well-known cooking magazines; Bon Appetit! He gets to travel the world while photographing (and eating) some of the most skillfully crafted dishes available. Interestingly, he’s also a competitive power lifter. The video humorously breaks down his job and what seems to be his endless appetite. Check it out below.

Rumors About Canon 5Diii Replacement

Rumors have been going around by DigitalRev, Canon Rumors, & various other photography blogs. Here’s what they’re saying although Canon Rumors points out none of it is from a known source:

“Next 5D will be announced around NAB and will be called 5D X. 4k is certain, moderate pixel count and new AF system based on 1D X II. No separate video-orientated version.”
“We have been told Canon upcoming Canon 5D series camera will have Canon Log and Wide DR gamut. [source]”
“The next full frame body from Canon will also move to CFast, along with an SD card slot. Which I assume is for 4K video.”
“The follow-up to the EOS 5D Mark III is already in testing with a select group of photographers and is basically ready for production beyond obvious software tweaks.”

Quick Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your iPhone

The only camera some people have is the camera on their iPhone. These cameras are capable of producing wonderful photos and they’re great for learning. Especially because almost everyone has access to one. However, simply pointing and shooting will often times not give you the results you were hoping for. The images come out nothing like you expected and can be frustrating. The video below has some great quick tips from MacRumors to help improve your iPhone photography. Maybe it’ll stir up some passion that leads to more serious photography ambitions.

Check it out below.