Behind The Scenes Look at ‘Rogue One’ by BBC Click

‘Rogue One’ is an epic film that has smashed the box office. It has earned over 1 billion dollars worldwide. It has won numerous awards for its incredible special effects.

This video gives a small glimpse into the making of this film and some of the techniques the director and his team developed to make his vision a reality. Check it out above. via Fstoppers

Get Out

Half horror movie, half comedy. It is a sleeper of a winner. I understand some do not like horror movies (it is mostly gore at the end and bad language) and more of a psychological thriller. Really good writing and production. If you like funny horror movies, it is a homerun to see in theaters. A definite rental other wise.


As many of you know the Oscars are coming up this Sunday and I am trying to finish my list of those nominated for Best Picture, so I decided to give Lion a go this afternoon. Lion was very, very good and I think this is a film avid movie goers should see in theaters for cinematography reasons, and if not would be an absolute must see as a rental. It is gorgeously shot, truly amazing and engaging story. I wish there were more films like this. The first half of the movie and the ending are incredible. The second half of itself, alone is a little slow, but it is forgivable.

Highly recommended. This is a top quality movie. 10x better than Arrival.

Abstract (On Netflix)

There is a new Netflix Original that covers the topics of design. Episode 4 is about Platon Antonio. You have seen his work. Whenever you are looking for something great to watch on Netflix, I would definitely recommend it, especially if you are a portrait photographer.