Canon Full Frame Mirrorless “R” Leaked

Check out Canon Rumors for the first leaked images and specs of the new Canon R, a full frame mirrorless. Very interesting. Canon still has the best touch screen and color science, some of the best video tracking, hopefully the can fix some of their weaknesses (think 4k video codecs). No Mention of IBIS, Full Announcement coming Sept 5th:

Canon EOS R Specifications

30.3mp Full Frame CMOS
Dual pixel CMOS AF
100% vertical x 88% horizontal AF coverage (We think)
EV -6 low brightness autofocus
4K video
Touchscreen LCD
Articulating screen
Wi-Fi · Bluetooth
Magnesium body
Battery: LP-E6N
Battery grip: BG-E22
Size: Width of about 136 mm × height of about 98 mm
Weight: Approximately 580 g
Mount: inner diameter 54 mm, flange back 20 mm, 12 pin
Mount adapter: “Mount adapter EF – EOS R” “Control ring mount adapter EF – EOS R” “Drop – in filter mount adapter EF – EOS R”


I had really high hopes for this, and it had some huge potential. The writers/directors clearly understood the importance of connecting with the characters, sometimes editing was a little slow, some of the effects were amazing, in the end tho, the pacing was a little too slow for me. Its a good rental.