Canon Rebel T6i / T6s Crash Course Training Tutorial Video Available NOW!

Happy to announce that my new Canon Rebel T6i / T6s Crash Course Training Video – CLICK HERE is now available for immediate download!We cover everything from the basics, composition, digital basics, the T6i / T6s features and operations, the T6i / T6s menu system, video shooting tips and much more, all and all about 4 hours of training.

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Nepal Disaster Relief Update #9

You might be reading in the news about aid moving slowly here, and this is why: There are literally hundreds of villages just like this, on the edge of a mountain, thousands of feet up, scattered all over Nepal. They are only accessible by helicopter or hiking for days. You can’t really carry tons of aid in. This is why aid work in Nepal is nearly impossible in some regions without helicopters – some villagers are moving to new locations, most seem to staying.Back up in the mountains today. Believe it or not this building is a restaurant and u can order complete meals as well as snacks.Beautiful children here in Nepal. They are putting their hands together as a customary greeting when they say “namaste”, they are not praying or asking for anything. They remind if of the children I saw in the Philippines – possession-less and completely happy.

Landslides in Nepal, Sindhupalchowk – May 12, 2015

On May 12th, 2015 while volunteering with The Salvation Army in Nepal, Michael and his team were hiking in the Sindhupalchowk area trying to reach some isolated villages in the region to see what kind of support could be offered. This are was very close to the epicenter of the 7.3 earthquake that struck that day. Earthquakes in Nepal are notorious for triggering landslides, which kill many Nepalese each year. This footage shows the dangers and magnitude of landslides which can be triggered by earthquakes in this area.