Sicario 2

The first one was better and will be a classic. Sicario 2 was solid if you liked the first one. Plenty of timely insights into border security as well as the struggles of those coming and protecting it. Those aspects were thought provoking. I thought it was worth seeing in the theater with my Movie Pass. Very violent.

Sony Mirrorlesses Top 5 Killer Features

My criticisms of Sony Cameras is coming, and Ill update it here shortly, but Ive been asked what are they doing better than other camera companies, so this is my short list.


1. Sensor Design
2. Full Frame Video Oversampling
3. Eye AF
4. Face Tracking for Video
5. Internal Grading / Log / Gamma Display

Bonus- Camera body design allows for very short time between iterations, but the ergonomics are not that great – so I left it out.

James Patterson’s Masterclass

As many of you know I am currently working on my 3rd book, my first fiction book. I just chip away at it every morning for an hour or so. A couple months ago, Master Class had an all you could consume offer of $90/year for the first year and $180 for ever year after.

Id taken the screenwriting course by Aaron Sorkin and enjoyed it, so I thought I would try it out and take a few classes on a few different subjects, including Chess by Gary Kasporov (it was very good and he even responded to me on Twitter), but really wanted to get some good insights for writing.

The Class by James Patterson was just INCREDIBLE. Literally every chapter was just packed with amazing insights. Ill probably watch it a second time.

I am in no way affiliated with Master Class, and am simply saying if you are a writer of fiction, you will enjoy this class very much.

James Patterson’s MasterClass on Writing

Nikon D7500 Tutorial Crash Course Now Available!

Im happy to announce that we have a Nikon D7500 Crash Course Training Video that is nearly completed. Its been out for a while, but adds 4K video and better focusing systems to an already outstanding camera we saw in the D7200. This is one of the many cameras you will see at Costco for sale in a bundle, and truth be told we had so many other projects going on, we never got to it until now.

Download now available. We should also be doing a DVD shortly.

Click here to purchase the download: Nikon D7500 Crash Course – Download Only

Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom

For as low of exceptions I had for this film, it was actually pretty ok. Obviously, the first one is still the best, but this is probably one of the better sequels to see in theaters. Definitely a lot of the “save the animals” kind of vibes were way over the top, and some of the motives of certain characters where like, eh, but if you can get past those two things, it was pretty decent!