Adobe Announces Photoshop Elements 7.0

Adobe has just announced the release of Photoshop Elements 7.0. It has a few new cool features such as Photomerge (allows you to combine elements from different images together) and teeth brightener. The biggest additions seem to be linked with how the program works with to backup or share your photographs. This release wont effect the information on the Photoshop DVD, because that DVD is focused on teaching the core basics of photoshop, which probably wont change anytime soon.

For more information check out Adobes Link:

PS Elements 7.0

Are you ready for some football?!

FINALLY!! College football season is here! It seems like it has been 3-5 years since the end of the bowl games. I dont watch a lot of football, but if BYU is playing and its on TV, I will be watching. For those of you who dont know, BYU is expected to be a BCS bowl buster this year, HOWEVER, as much as I really, REALLY love BYU, they always seem to find a way to lose 1-2 of the first few games of the year, and then go undefeated, I should know, I was on the team that went 14-1 in 1996, so yes I can say that.

I have a few other favorite teams too, I like Alabama (obviously), teams that I have friends coaching for, USC, UCLA, Louisville. I love underdog teams that surprise bullies, Boise State, South Florida, Stanford. I guess this is all very hypocritical because many of these teams play each other, (BYU vs UCLA, USC vs UCLA, etc). Just in my world, BYU is numero uno.

So, if you like Michael Andrew (which I hope you do) I am officially inviting you to jump on the BYU bandwagon as they attempt to go undefeated in with a relatively weak schedule. Just be warned, if they lose early on (which will crush me as it always does) I will be posting a big picture of BLACK in mourning, just so you know whats up.

Here is BYUs logo just in case you didnt know: Tomorrow BYU is playing Northern Iowa, a I-AA team, however, they are VERY VERY good (12-1 last year) and I am fearful this could be a messy game (think Michigan vs Appalachian State) if BYU isnt careful.

Other reasons to love college football:

– Major weekly upsets! (which results in the crushing of arrogance and egos!! YAY!)
– More diverse offensive schemes, including trick plays!!
– More heart and love for the game, not contracts or $$!!
– Smack talk!

Why else do we love college football more than the NFL?

Mail Chimp

First of all. let me say that I absolutely loathe spam emails, as well as telemarketers. They drive me nuts, and I believe they are somewhat illegal. Thats just my personal opinion.

On the other hand, I have over 500 people who have signed up for my Newsletter, of which I have sent out exactly 1, simply because I do not like blowing up reader’s in boxes. That said, there are clearly a significant amount of interest in my work, inside news and new product release dates. (Like a Photoshop Crash Course DVD for example which is nearing completion).

It just so happened that I stumbled upon this website recently, and again this today, and so far it looks pretty cool. Apparently it manages your newsletter lists and does all kinds of cool things automatically, like updating your list when emails are changed or opting readers out. Mail chimp also helps with dynamic html, which allows you to drop photos into your emails.

If you ever have a need to send out a LEGIT mass email, you might want to look into Mail Chimp.

Mail Chimp

Get Pictures on MMs!

MMs now allows you to make your own MMs, not just with messages, but with pictures too! I love, love, love customization goodies, if you know of any neat customization products, websites or the like…PLEASE let me know in the comments box below!

Custom Photo MMs