Avengers Infinity War

I enjoyed Avengers Infinity War. Not the greatest in terms of plot out of the Marvel movies, but definitely up there in there in the top 3-5. There were a few minor problems, but all forgivable. It definitely as fun to see everyone together. Not much else playing, so if you enjoy comic book movies, this is a must see!

Illusion of Social Media| The Maven Nation Podcast #48

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  • Michaels talks about the dangers of sponsorhips – 00:26
  • Why is Social Media an illusion? – 00:49
  • Posts on Social Media are from sponsors without disclosing that it is – 05:32
  • Michael’s thought on why he is never invited to product testing – 07:28
  • At what point are the influencers sponsored? – 14:46
  • Reviews are just marketing campaigns – 18:50
  • What is a sell out? – 19:50

Nikon D850 vs Sony A7riii Epic Shootout Camera Review

Thank you for your patience all! Here it is:

Here are my tests and thoughts about how the Nikon D850 compares to the Sony A7riii.

1:01 Specifications
2:07 Lenses Used
5:41 Rack Zoom Test for Sony A7riii
6:47 Sports Servo Tests
8:12 Buffer Performance Test
14:00 Sports Conclusions
15:07 Low Light Focusing
15:59 Face Tracking For Video Focusing
16:59 Dynamic Range Tests
17:45 JPEG Noise Reduction Charts
18:41 Full Frame 4K Video Samples
19:18 Full Frame vs Crop Moire Tests
20:09 Low Light Video Candle Test
20:56 High ISO Video Charts
21:40 Rolling Shutter Tests
22:17 Thermal Signature Tests after 20 min 4K video recording
22:36 Portrait Quality Test
24:26 Answers for Portrait Test
24:35 Best Portrait Winner
25:57 Best Landscape Winner
26:21 Best Low Light Winner
27:02 Sports Conclusions & Notes
28:10 Best Video Shooter & Notes
28:58 Michael’s Personal Picks and Why

My Full Nikon D850 Crash Course Tutorial: https://canontrainingvideo.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=119

My Full Sony A7Riii Crash Course Tutorial: https://canontrainingvideo.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=9_16&products_id=121