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Kind of a cool premise, but also a little boring (I fell asleep! never a good sign). Without going into too much detail I felt there was a disconnect between her supposed will and desire to carry those plans out. One moment she is sloppy and inexperienced, the next capable, and it took me out of it. Felt like the Jr High version of Atomic Blonde.

Its a solid rental.

Canon EOS R5 & R6 Specs LEAKED! Game changers GALORE!! What does it mean?!?! has leaked some very high rated specs on rumored EOS R5 and R6 cameras, and the details are JUICY. The R5 has a CR3 rating which is usually very reliable, and the R6 is a CR 2.5, feels like it is missing some specs, but likely will find out soon.

If these rumors are true, Canon is finally bringing the fight to Sony and Nikon. It looks like 2020 is going to be an even better year than anticipated.

In addition to the specs themselves, Ill point out which ones would be class leading, and from the looks of it, many of these are game changers!

Canon Rumors R5

Canon Rumors R6

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Nikon’s Z50 Identity Crisis – Ergonomics & Usability Review

Thanks to our sponsor for allowing me to try out and review the Nikon Z50, if you are interested in giving it a spin:

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Nikon has an identity crisis and the Nikon Z50 demonstrates this probably better than any other camera I have seen, it is almost too “goldilocks”, meaning it is trying to do everything just right, and without a compelling feature that makes it better than other cameras at similar prices. If we look at the games Nikon is playing with their recent price change of the Nikon D750 and overpriced Nikon D780, Im saying as clear as day: these are solid cameras, but over priced and need more compelling features! There are some very strong things I did enjoy about it!

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What makes one lens sharper than another? How is Lens Resolving Power Determined?

Great question recently: What is it about lenses that allows one lens to have a higher resolving power than another? Lens resolving power is referring to the detail performance of a lens, and is part of what makes up “sharpness”. There is a long answer and a shorter answer, todays video is focusing on the shorter answer and the WHY some are sharper than others, as well as some ways to fix it. In the short answer Ill define the 3 major determinants of lens resolving power, but there are definitely more!

Robert Cicala’s article on how to test your lenses

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Why DXOs P-MPIX is NOT a Lens Sharpness Metric | FF in Crop = Crop Camera with same pixel pitch

Canon 90D Best Recommended Lenses for New Owners

Pixel vs Photosite vs Pixel Density vs Pixel Pitch | What is the Difference?

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Why was the Fuji XH1 Discontinued? XT4 Rumors give clues…

When the Fuji XH1 was first released, Fuji published a white paper about it’s development and the reasoning behind its form factor. Two reasons they listed were they needed space for IBIS and another was they wanted a very strong body to support the weight of heavier lenses. Add this to the rumor that there is a new battery coming, all points to the likely hood that the body itself may have become obsolete. Bonus: My thoughts on how they can easily make the grip more ergonomic with a larger battery, do what every other company is doing!

Link to Fuji X-H1 Development Papers

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