Does the Canon 70D have a Focusing Problem? Michael’s Answer

Been getting tons of emails about this particular question, here is my answer:

I hope this helps if you are struggling with your Canon 70D’s central focusing square.

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Magnificent Photos of April’s Blood Moon Eclipse

Blood Moon is just another term for a full lunar eclipse. If you were lucky enough to have clear skies the night of April 14-15 you might have gotten some really amazing photographs. Many in the western hemisphere did and they’re now surfacing and being shared around the internet. The folks at 500px have a new blog calls 500px ISO and they shared some of their users images. They’re really quite amazing so take a second to check them out here. Timothy Green 500pxBrian Spencer 500pxFrancis Delapaz 500px

How Co-Founder of Fstoppers Handled His Images Being Stolen

Lee Morris is not only an extremely successful commercial and wedding photographer, he’s also one of the co-founders of Fstoppers. Fstoppers is one of the most popular and widely visited photography sites on the internet.

Recently he received a Facebook message letting him know that some of his work was possibly being stolen. It’s the same old story. A newbie who’s work isn’t up to par trying to pass off the highly professional work of others as their own. The interesting part is how Lee handled it.

First of all he never mentions the guy’s real name. He did have images linked to the article but removed them after too many Fstopper users were looking the guy up. He doesn’t come off upset or vengeful. He comes off extremely understanding and forgiving. Especially since the photographer in question sent his sincere apologies.

His calm, graceful response to this guy’s theft is pretty inspiring. Lee’s point-of-view was that he’s so successful that this guy’s theft couldn’t affect his business in the least and everyone makes mistakes. Check out the article here

Shark-Deterrent Wetsuits

While shark attacks are rare it’s safe to say anybody who spends a lot of time enjoying activities like diving or surfing would prefer to avoid that fate. Using the sophisticated science behind shark vision Hamish Jolly, an Australian swimmer, came up with wetsuit designs that actually deter shark attacks. In the video the science behind the design is explained along with the test results using two predatory sharks (the great white and tiger sharks). It’s a pretty fascinating watch and might change the designs of wetsuits forever. Check it out below.