Nikon D7200 Tutorial Training Crash Course Available Soon!

Update My Nikon D7200 Crash Course Tutorial Training Video is now available for download:

Nikon D7200 Crash Course Download Only

Nikon D7200 Crash Course DVD + Download

Been getting a lot of questions about a possible Nikon D7200 Tutorial Training video and I am happy to announce that it is nearly complete. We expect it to be available for direct download within the next few days and the DVD should be available a couple weeks after. The course is really designed to help beginning and intermediate photographers get to know their camera inside and out and start shooting on a very advanced level in just a few hours. It will be one of the best education investments you can make, guaranteed!

This is the cover we decided to go with, which is a macro shot of a giant leaf I photographed on Kauai:

Canon Rebel T6s / T6i Hands on Review | Canon 760D 750D Field & Test Tutorial

Was able to get my hands on one of the first Canon Rebel T6i (750D), which for the most part is basically identical to the Canon Rebel T6s aside from a control wheel and a few very minor features.

Long story short, I am LOVING this little camera, excellent optical and tracking focus (for face detection, not as well for non-facial features). Very good ISO performance, excellent buffer depth with JPEG images and most importantly, the image quality coming out of the camera is very, very good. Much better than what I am used to coming out of the T5i.

This is the first hands on review I have done in a couple years (5D3 was my last one), Ill get better at these. Our crash course training tutorial video for the T6s and T6i should be available for download in about 2-3 weeks, which can be found for purchase on:

More great videos coming soon!

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