Alex Armitage – “I Love Innovation | MAVEN Magnetic Filter Line”

Alex Armitage shares some test images and what he likes about the Maven Magnetic Filters. Check it out!

“Magnetic filters have been around for a few years at this point and just when you think they don’t need to be more, you’re given something that just makes so much sense it makes all the other systems obsolete.”

0:00 Sunrise Shooting
5:37 Filter Talk

MAVEN Color Coded Magnetic Photography & Videography Filters

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UPDATE Our Indiegogo Campaign has ended and we are now live on our new website: MAVEN Magnetic Photography Filters

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SLASH GEAR Reviews MAVEN Magnetic Filters – “Upgrading Daylight Photography”

Slash Gear has written an article reviewing MAVEN Magnetic Filters. They give a full comprehensive review testing the quality of each filter and are here to tell you what you should know. Give it a read! SPLASH GEAR – MAVEN Magnetic Filters ReviewYou can Purchase Your Magnetic Filters for Canon, Nikon, Sony or Any other camera system Here– MAVEN Color Coded Magnetic Photography & Videography Filters