First Unboxing Video of Maven Magnetic Filters by Jeffrey Tadlock

Landscape Photographer, Jeffrey Tadlock, unboxes Maven Magnetic Photography Filters and gives a close look inside of it’s components. Check out the first unboxing video! Thank you Jeffrey!

“My Maven magnetic filters from the Kickstarter have arrived for landscape photography! These filters feature color-coded filters, high-quality optical glass, and strong magnets I look forward to giving these filters a full test out in the field in the future.

In this video, I unbox the filters and take a closer look at the components included inside, as well as why I wanted to try this filter kit.”

00:00 – Intro
01:32 – Start the Unboxing
02:52 – Core Filter Kit
09:16 – Hard Shelled Accessory Case
09:53 – Soft Carrying Case
11:06 – Adapter Rings, Step-up Rings, Lens Caps
14:25 – Another look at the Accessory Case
15:20 – More Filter Tech Specs
17:53 – Wrap upMaven Color Coded Magnetic Filters – CLICK HERE