A Day in the Life of a Production Assistant

Movie sets can be a hectic and extremely fast-paced environment. Production Assistants help maintain the flow of production by being the “jack of all trades” on set. From fetching lunch to cleaning sets, to solving last minute issues that arise — they really do it all. This brief video gives us look behind-the-scenes of what a typical day could look like for these hard-working and invaluable members of a movie production.

Shot by RocketJump Film School

On this Memorial Day I offer my deepest gratitudes…

On this Memorial Day I offer my deepest gratitudes to the men and women of our armed forces who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms which I often take for granted. On Sept 29 2010, Calvin Harrison and Mark A Forester paid that price the day this photo was taken. Mark was one of my closest friends and I sure miss him but also so proud of him. #memorialday #markaforester

Nikon D500 Tutorial Training Crash Course Now Available!

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If you own the Nikon D500 you may have found yourself overwhelmed by the professional level settings and features. There’s a pretty steep learning curve and it’s a lot to take in. This course was designed to get you out there and taking great pictures within a few short hours. My courses are fast and economical in easy to understand lessons.

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Quick Beginners Guide to Food Photography by ‘We Eat Together’

Food photography is super popular among professionals and amateurs (on social media) alike. It’s easy to understand why; we all love food. If done well photographs of food inspire all kinds of feelings. It can look delicious (obviously), like a work of art, or just like a beautiful lifestyle. Some food photos feel like a warm invite to a beautiful location calling you to sit down and dine with friends and family.

Heather & Skyler Burt of ‘We Eat Together’ are professional food photographers based in Los Angeles. As they explain; food photography is a super competitive market. Learning how to skip beginners mistakes will save you a lot of time and frustration. They were so kind as to share some quick tips to skip these common mistakes. Check it out below.