Where Children Sleep: A Photo Book by James Mollison

Typically, when we think of a child’s bedroom we think of heaps of brightly colored stuffed animals. A cozy little bed with warm blankets and pillows. We think of storybooks and all the comforts we would afford ourselves.

In his photo book photographer James Mollison he captures the joys of life as child in parts of the world with financial and political stability. He shows the drastic differences between cultures and religions. He also shows the reality of the bedrooms of children in less fortunate circumstances. The book features an image of a child, their bedroom, and a description of their life.

Some of the squalid conditions in which children exist is unimaginable for many of us. The reality the images depict is quite shocking and powerful for someone who is far removed from the situation.

The series is powerful and captivating. You can check out more of the images here or you can purchase the book for about $20 here.

Bikram, 9, Melamchi, NepalAlex, 9, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilAnonymous, 9, Ivory Coast

World’s 1st 3D Printed Kayak

Jim Smith an engineer at 3D Systems created the world’s first 3D printed kayak. He did it using a custom printer he’s been building at home since 2008. You can check out the video below showcasing how he designed the kayak and read more about how it was accomplished it here.

Underwater Photographer Thomas Conrad

After a dive with a friend who was taking some classes on UW Photography, Thomas Conrad was instantly hooked. He is self taught and recommends UW Photography to anyone who is just starting out.

In the article Thomas shares his tips on how to get started: “If you want to start with underwater photography, you should learn how to dive first, and learn all about behavior of the subjects you shoot. Your diving skills and knowledge about your subjects are the most important. You have to be an expert in buoyancy to position yourself at the right spot, without destroying any of the life down there.”

Thomas also shares his gear which is:

Body: Canon EOS 550D (T2i in the US)
Housing: Sea & Sea RDX 550
Strobes: Sea & Sea YS 110 Alpha
Lens: Canon 8-15mm f/4
Lens: Canon EF 24 mm f/2.9

You can check out more of his images on his 500 px page here.

The Beautiful Portraits of Kirsty Mitchell

With an extensive background and education in art history, photography, and costume/fashion design English photographer Kirsty Mitchell brings high drama and surrealism to her images.

As she explains on her website photography was always an outlet and ‘sole passion’ of hers. However, photography took a backseat to her rewarding career in fashion, working with such notable names as Alexander McQueen.

Sadly, her mothers battle and tragic loss to brain cancer brought her back to photography. It was an escape for her. A way of leaving reality behind and creating fantasy worlds with highly stylized fashion, makeup, and dreamy landscapes. The beutiull portraits helped connect her to her memories of her mother.

Her portfolio is stunning and a worth a look. You can check it out here. All images are courtesy of Kirsty’s Facebook page. Drop in and give her a “like” and check out more of her awesome images.

Garbage Man Collects Thousands of Pictures From WWI Over the Years

Bob Smethurst has seen a lot of crazy items in his time as a garbage man. He felt some of those items were worth saving.

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s he has collected and saved over 5,000 images, letters, and pieces of history memorabilia from WWI. All of these were found in landfills. For his efforts he now owns the largest collection of images from the war. He plans on leaving the collection to family and friends. He feels if they were donated to a museum they might be put in storage somewhere and no one would be able to enjoy them. He has very little interest in making any money from them.

To read more on this incredible collection and see all of the images click here.