Today Adobe has announced their new CS5 bundles are available for pre-order. I always get the Production Premium Bundle because of all the bonus software that comes with it, in addition to Premiere Pro and After Effects (both amazing programs on their own) you also get Photoshop, Illustrator, and many others. The only one I wish it had was Dreamweaver.

I use both Final Cut and Premiere Pro for editing, and now that I am shooting video almost exclusively with Canon DLRs I am very interested in any technology that will make this more easy to use. Currently, the bane of my HD shooting, is that the HD footage has to be transcoded into in intermediate more “edit-able” format (trying to edit the original HD footage in either FC or PP would essentially lock up both.).

Adobe is now saying the new Premiere Pro CS5 will edit Canon 5Dii, 7Dii, and T2i HD formats natively, meaning there is no transcoding needed. This will save a HUGE amount of time in post production workflow if it is true.

Check Out Adobe’s New Production Pro CS5 Bundle