If you can suspend your disbelief enough that Neil Bloomkamp wasn’t actually trying to pen a highly political flick that included biased symbolism of everything from illegal immigration, Obamacare, the 1% vs 99%, obvious jabs at Home Land Security (titled the same in the film), etc Neil still expects you to swallow one of the biggest human nature fallacies I have ever seen portrayed in a film:

Wealthy individuals, by nature, are 100% selfish.

This was the one thing I couldnt get past and really bothered me. In the film, either you are 100% poor, or 100% rich, there is no grey area, and of those who are rich, absolutely none of them would use their access to med pods to help the sick and afflicted of earth, but rather would just sip champagne in a man-made halo like structure orbiting the earth.

It is a gross misrepresentation of human nature. Some of the most generous individuals I have ever met are also some of the most wealthy. Neil Bloomkamp instead wants you to believe the opposite and it essentially ruined everything else for me in the film that was otherwise good. Sorta like eating your favorite snack and finding a big worm in it.

Shartlo Copely (the villain) was by far the best actor in the film, excellent special effects, and if you can look past everything I mentioned above, its a fun flick, definite rental, see it in theaters if you liked District 9 (which I loved)