This is really taboo for me to bring up- its just one of those big questions I have about life and Ive been wondering about for at least 10 years. Being a wedding photographer, I usually see the happy side of marriage, everything is perfect and wonderful between the couple- blissful really! I do not think anyone would ever get married thinking that it would be a good idea to fall out of love in a few years, yet it happens all the time. It happens so often (Divorce rates hover around 50% or more) Some couples work at it and stay together happily, others give up and quit. If I am good friends with someone who has gone through this I try to pick their brain a little and learn from it. I have been in love before, its both intoxicating and blinding just as much as it is wonderful and dreamy. I have a theory on this, but before I spilled what I thought I would ask the more experienced audience what they think:

Why do married couples fall out of Love? Is there a common theme or just a plethora of random deal breakers?