A very appreciated thanks to the wonderful Brock Martin of Infinet Design who designed and programmed my blog. This new layout will provide a cleaner, more visually dynamic blog and allow any visitor to make comments, without requiring you to sign in. Categories, resources and other links can be accessed with the drop down menus on the top left. Categories allow you to search blog entries by subject type- be it weddings, movie reviews or the like.

Brock also programmed the blog to change every time you visit. Thats right, hit F5 or your browser refresh button and you will notice the top wedding photos taken by yours truly, the back ground and my bio picture (soon) all randomly change. COOL! There are a few little kinks we are still working out and within a week or so most of them should be worked out. The photography school and MA Store are not quite ready yet, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

As of now…I am no longer updating my old blog, this will be home- so I please ask that if you are a regular Michael Andrew Blog reader that you make note of the new web address: www.michaelthemaven.com. If you are interested in reading any of my old posts up to this point you can do so at: www.xanga.com/shiffenator- There is a years worth of stuff there. This first welcome post is “pinned” to the top for now, the rest will have the most current entries immediately after.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear what you guys think, so dont be shy…try the new comment system and give ol Michael Andrew a holler. 🙂 YAY!