So today I signed up for a trial run with Get Friday, the virtual assistant company, mostly out of pure unadulterated curiosity, as a “just try it out” kind of a gig. The thing is, in order to get the most out of it, they really do need to have at least one of your credit cards to have purchasing power…..which brings us to the next entry…..

I dont know, but does the idea of a team of strangers having your credit card and purchasing power make you just a little nervous? I am highly paranoid about things like this, so….I decided to also “try” out pre-paid credit cards. The worst that can happen is I would lose the $$$ on the card, but thats it. I heard about these and wanted to try them anyway, but in this case, I will send my pre-paid credit card information to my VA and she can use it to buy things I need, when the balance gets low, you just put more on there. I know it will all work out, but until they have my trust, Id rather go this route.

It was very easy to get this set up, cost $10 and you can reload it at the store you buy it from (I got mine at a CVS here in Tuscaloosa, I heard Walmart is going to start carrying them as well). The fine print says it also costs $5 a month to maintain, but for now, I think its worth it.