Im leaving the Mandalay Bay here in about an hour and driving up to Logan, Utah for my good friend Thad’s Wedding. Should be a nice, long 7-8 hour drive. BYU plays Washington today…Ill have to listen to it on the radio :(These were taken my first night here, about the time I realized I was getting sick. This first one was of the Bellagio Water Show on the strip. Settings were 1/40, 1.4, 400 ISO. This second one was part of an exercise I do every once in a while….super long exposures without a tripod. Shutter Speed was 30 seconds, f 22, at ISO 50. I was also shooting through a fence so there was nothing to rest the camera on, I had to push it against the fence and hold it as still as possible…felt like it took hours, in any event you can see the effect of car lights with these longer exposures.