So I thought I would tell why I am in Idaho right now. I have internet connection, but unfortunately, I dont have internet connection that will allow me to post pictures, hopefully we can work this out soon.

Not only did I get a Canon 40 D, my Dad got one (and I also inherit his basically new 30 D, yay!) and my friend Warren bought his wife one. Dont get me wrong, I love to help when I can- and usually when someone buys a new camera, guess who they ask for help with it? Thats right … I dont have a problem explaining anything, however cameras can be tricky and a second, third, fifth, or twentieth explaination is sometimes necessary.

So…having extensive experience in both photography and video, it seemed a “How to use the Canon 40 D DVD” was in order, and I could also apply my knowledge of lighting and art to make a super fantastic instructional vid. Its basically a way for me to teach photography in 1-2 hours, that way, if the questions came up, or it was necessary to have a refresher, Dad and Kearsten could just pop the DVD in. I was planning to shoot it this week, so Warren offered to fly me out and help me shoot it. In return, I could teach Kearsten his wife everything she would need to know on a one-on-one basis.

Thats what we did today, Kearsten and I spent a good two hours going over the camera and its functions. Tomorrow Warren and I are actually shooting the video. I love teaching photography. It reminds me of how I learned, and also keeps me sharp on being precise and simple when I explain something.

Teaching is the best way to learn something. If you know you have to explain something to others, you find yourself more focused on learning the material, as well as finding a simple way to teach it. 🙂