Ok, so it has been a couple years since this shot and since I have finished my 365 and I still occasionally get emails asking about, I am going to spill it here. I know Alex Rubio will be very happy to finally know this. You can read the original post here:

Michael’s 365 – Day 177

There are some really good guesses on that thread, and if you haven’t seen it, its a good exercise. Some of the suggestions offered would have worked.

When you are ready for the trick, the password is “day177”.Once you know how this is done, the shot will lose most of its magic. I had my assistant Adam in the passenger’s seat holding the Sky Cam and we drove down some Alabama roads at 55mph. Yes, with my Canon 5DII and Canon 16-35mm 2.8 L lens on there, hooked up to a Pocket-Wizard Trigger, so I could just snap away. (Looking back on this now, this was pretty crazy and I would say don’t ever do something like this. If the pole caught on something, it could have destroyed the camera or even injured Adam and I.)

I later photoshopped Adam and the pole out of them image. Thats all there was to it!