On my way home from the airport Tuesday, Dave Mink and I somehow got onto the discussion of blind dating (and why it basically never works). After a few minutes he suggested “you really should put that on your blog”.

Hmmm….he is right….I am a Jedi Master of blind dating, – not because I do it a lot, but because I know the rules and how to avoid every single little trap blind dating can bring. To be a Jedi Master of Blind dating there are some very simple rules to follow which I will attempt to outline in a few entries in the next few weeks. Blind dating is a serious matter for everyone, even if you are married because typically married people are the ones who usually attempt to set you up with someone else.

Rule Number One- The Warning

When someone approaches you with the phrase “I have someone I want you to meet….” this is a prelude to a blind date. (You know….I dont even know why so many people attempt to set me up on blind dates, I mean look at me for crying out loud! Do you think I need help getting dates? Unfortuately, many people do think Michael Andrew needs help- I dont, I swear I am just extremely picky when it comes to dating. I guess the perception is that if a good looking guy is single for more than a few weeks, he needs help.)

Let me back up a little bit. When I was naive and actually believed blind dates could work, I actually went on them. During the course of a few blind dates, I realized something….most of my blind dates were insane. Think about the logic behind this…..the setter upper put you on a blind date with someone who is insane. Usually, the whole concept of blind dates is the setter upper thinks you are a good match with the person he/she is setting you up with.

Therefore, if you have ever gone on a blind date and the person you meet is insane, (or any other negative quality) it generally means that they think you too are….insane. Right? You are a good match. Do you think that would affect your relationship with the person who set you up?

So….a great tool for damage control….someone approaches and says “hey….I have someone I want you to meet” use the warning:

“I have to warn you, if you are thinking about setting me up on a blind date – it could really effect our relationship.”

The setter upper will then ask you why, after which you can explain what I just did about them subconsiously thinking you too are insane. 50% of the time, they will stop, think about it and say….”oh…well nevermind then”.